Changing Lives - One Hoofbeat at a Time

Equestrian Therapy Programs at PRDA

PRDA (Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities) is one of Canada’s leading equestrian therapy facilities. Celebrating over 40 Years of excellence in providing therapeutic riding and activities for Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley communities.

About Us

Our history, mission and objectives say a lot about who we are. We believe in the benefits of therapeutic riding. The history of therapeutic riding has come a long way as new techniques and technologies have emerged. Our staff are knowledgeable and friendly. We rely on our sponsors to help keep our programs going. Learn more about us.

Our Programs

We offer equestrian therapy programs for adults and children. Our special four-legged staff are also matched to each individual.. We have fine-tuned our programs over the years and we are proud of their success. Learn more about our equestrian therapy programs.


Contact PRDA to Become a Member, Volunteer or Donor Today

If you would like to join PRDA as a rider please contact us. We rely on the help of our volunteers and donors to keep our programs running. Several fundraising events are held throughout the year. Check out our calendar for the next event. You can also check our blog where we post special news and important information about our programs and services.